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The 2004 Vermont Senate race is over.I want to thank everyone who took the time to help me in any way with my campaign.I canít list everyone who worked on my campaign, but I do want to thank my sister, Lorraine Tolman, of Gramís Choice Books, for being my webmaster.My husband, Joe, deserves a lot of credit for being at my side throughout this campaign, even spending our anniversary at a campaign training session.My sons Chris, Ben, and their wives, and Alex, all supported my campaign.Malcolm and Maren Downing and Dianne Peyton were invaluable assets in Essex County.Nancy Sheltra and Loren Shaw were there for advice, help and support.Bruce Burnor and Joe Larose were a big help to me in Lamoille and Franklin counties.I also want to thank Scott Fitzgibbon.Most of all, I would like to thank the voters who supported me at the polls when they voted.


You can read the town-by-town Essex-Orleans Senate vote tallies at this link GenElectionTotals.To find all the Vermont election totals, go to



For other election related links, go to http://vermont-elections.org/soshome.htm


Many of you already knew that we were planning a move to the Town of Craftsbury.We made that move, which is one reason this thank you update is so late.


Although I was not elected, if there is something I can do to help you, I will try.You can still contact me at jayoung@young4senate.com or call me at (802) 586-2899.††††††


Again, thank you to all who supported my candidacy.



Jeannine A. Young






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